Q. Does Magical Holiday Lighting carry liability insurance?

A. Yes, we are fully licensed and insured to assure a safe holiday season for everyone!

Q. How much does your service cost?

A. After contacting us, one of our designers will meet with you, evaluate your property, and create a design plan, which allows you to choose to make your holiday display as simple or elaborate as possible to please any budget; however, projects start at $1,600.

Q. Do we provide the lights or does Magical Holiday Lighting?

A. Magical Holiday Lighting only installs lighting that we provide. We do this so that we can guarantee the products we install.

Q. Is it an extra fee for you to store our lights until next year?

A. Storage is available for a nominal fee and could vary slightly depending on your design package.  Be sure to ask your designer when they visit.

Q. What is the difference between your lights and the lights I can buy at any local retailer?

A. We provide commercial-grade lighting that is durable and energy efficient. We only supply top of the market products.  You’ve seen the same commercial lighting if you’ve visited one of your local theme parks lately.

Q. Can you install lights that we already own?

A. No, Magical Holiday Lighting will only install products that we provide. We do this so that we can guarantee our service to you.

Q. Do we need to be home during the installation?

A. In most cases, no, you will not need to be home during the installation. Our designers should address any potential issues we may face during installation at the time of your quote.

Q. When do we need to contact you to get a quote and schedule an installation?

A. Call us any time of the year. Please note that as the holiday season approaches, time slots may be limited due to high demand.